NBA 2K14 Next Gen Features Revealed


At a press event on Wednesday, 2K Sports showcased the next-gen version of its basketball juggernaut NBA 2K14. And with a little over three weeks until its arrival, it’s about time.

While there was a lot covered during the event, there was a focus on a few new aspects of the game: graphics, MyPlayer and MyGM.

First, we’ll start with the most popular game mode in the series, MyPlayer. Instead of a strict play your game, sign some endorsements and answer a few questions, MyPlayer is taking on the role of a story-mode based mode.

The Association mode has also been revamped in a major way in the form of a new MyGM mode. The MyGM allows you to become the General Manager — obviously — of a team, and build it as you see fit. From locker room chemistry to fan base approval, a player’s GM will be highly criticized by everyone and if everything isn’t in order, he could be subject to termination by the owner. It’s a new twist on a popular mode that seems to be getting even better.

It wasn’t clear how the mode will work online, or if there will even be an online MyGM or Association mode available.

In terms of the visuals of the game, the development team has much better technology to work with with the new consoles. Because of that, the details of the players, arenas and lighting is better than ever.

Actual video of the next-gen version of the game is expected to be released later this week, and Gamesided will have it as soon as it’s released.


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