Super Mario 3D World Gameplay Looks Like Pure Childlike Fun


Despite the lack of 3rd party titles, as long as Nintendo keeps on throwing out inventive, colorful and imaginative Mario games the Nintendo Wii U should be more than fine in the long run. This is definitely the case in Super Mario 3D World, as a

new gameplay trailer

expands more upon just what you can do with Mario and friends.

Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad return to traverse the platforming Super Mario 3D World, each with their own skills and attributes. Mario is average all around, but can long jump. Luigi can do a very leg-flailingly high jump, Peach can float and Toad can run around very fast., similar to their Super Mario Bros. 2 counterparts.

That’s not the only callbacks to previous SNES-era games. Super Mario 3D World also sees the return of mushrooms that make you grow exponentially large, fire flowers, red coins, stage tokens, propellor blocks, Boomerang and Tanooki Suits. It just gets more whacky from there, with cherries that create duplicates of your character, a cat suit, light blocks that defeat ghosts, cannon blocks, wearable Coin blocks, Piranha Plants that you can use as weapons, and so much more. Pretty much anything within the realm of the Mario series has been thrown at the wall to create what looks like pure fun.

Along with additional Mii-verse ghost runs to compare with, online stickers, couch co-op and Wii U Game Pad added play/off-screen play, Super Mario 3D World looks to be a strong title to compete with the launches of the PlayStation 4 and, more specifically, the North American release of the Xbox One. Check out the trailer above, as Super Mario 3D World releases almost a month from now on November 22 exclusively on the Nintendo Wii U.


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