Sony Has 24 PS4 Exclusives In Development


On Wednesday, Sony released its latest advertisement for the upcoming release of its Playstation 4 console that hits store shelves on November 15, and it’s all about the consoles library of games that are coming to the system over the next 14 months.

The ad, which is a direct shot back at those criticizing the line up of titles for the console, hits you right off the bat with the notion that their are 24 exclusives that have been announced so far including games like

The Order: 1886


Infamous: Second Son


The new ad also mentions that the PS4 has over 180 games currently in development, 33 of which are expected to be available in 2013. There are also 14 “award winning studios” are working on PS4 titles. The company claims in the commercial that the 180 in-development titles is “more than any other next-gen console”.

Until Microsoft or Nintendo come out with numbers, it’s hard to argue that point. But, just because a game is in development doesn’t necessarily mean it will see the light of day so just keep that in mind when you get excited about the amount of games you may be able to get your hands on.


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