Playable Vehicles in Battlefield 4


One of the most fun aspects of the Battlefield franchise, in addition to the destructible environment, has always been the available vehicles to drive, or fly, in the games.

Battlefield 3 was fun because of the tanks, helicopters, planes, etc. that were available to the players. With Battlefield 4, the team at DICE has added even more vehicles to add to the fun of the game.

Though it would’ve been nice to see a certain underwater vessel in the game, the amount of usable vehicles in Battlefield 4 is staggering. From jet skis to AAVs, there are plenty of vehicles — for land, air and sea — available to use that  no one will be complaining any time soon. Besides, there is always DLC to add in vehicles.

Which of the above vehicles do you like the best? Let us know in the comment section below!

h/t to the BF4 sub-reddit


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