Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 10/23/13


"Nintendo of America is replacing the base Wii U 32GB Deluxe set that includes launch game “Nintendo Land” with a bundle featuring “New Super Mario Bros. U” and its standalone expansion “New Super Luigi U.” The Mario-themed set arrives at stores on November 1, a date that also sees “Nintendo Land” reduced to a suggested retail price of $30. The NSMB UWii U bundle is priced at the recently lowered price of $299.The new set essentially offers two games rather than one; “New Super Luigi U” can be played without purchasing “NSMB U,” even though it’s an expansion of the original game."


"Asking $60 for a console or PC game is a “giant FU to a very large number of people” and a reason why variable pricing should be introduced, former EA CEO John Riccitiello has said.“Another thing that console and PC guys could and should learn is variable pricing,” Riccitiello said at the Gaming Insiders Summit. “$60 is a giant FU to a very large number of people.Riccitiello also believes the traditional games industry is yet to get games as a service right."

"Patrick Bach has hinted at the potential changes being made in the upcoming multiplatform video game,“Battlefield 4,” when compared to “Battlefield 3.” According to a report by PC Games N on Oct. 20, the executive producer from Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment stated that the development team wanted to focus on introducing subtle changes to the sequel.He explained that “crazy” features and other new elements could end up alienating long-time fans. As a result, some of the biggest changes can’t be seen by viewing images and videos. The players will have to pick up the controller, especially when it comes to the PS4 and Xbox One, in order to experience the differences."