New Batman: Arkham Origins TV Spot, Gameplay Trailer (Video)


We have a double whammy for you today if you’re looking for Batman: Arkham Origins content. First off, we have a TV spot for the Warner Bros. Montreal game:

In the video, we see young master Wayne go from a happy child to reserved, unflinching and broken shell of a little boy as his parents are shot down in the street. From there, a close-up of Bruce Wayne jumps in time as he is beaten up by school kids throughout his childhood up to training with the League of Shadows, all with a cold indifference until we skip ahead to being punched in the face by an Arkham Asylum grunt. It is only then when Batman can retaliate, showing the long passage of growing up in the span of roughly 30 seconds.

In our second feature, we have almost 17 minutes of Batman: Arkham Origins gameplay footage.

While the same fighting mechanics persist in Arkham Origins (comboing countless dudes around you in a Steven Seagal-esque ninja circle), there are new facets of the game explored. For example, Batman can now use the Batwing to quick travel around Gotham City instead of relying on flying around. The developers also like to remind that this is near the beginning of the Batman legacy, meaning that the police are not want to help you. In fact, the events of Batman: Arkham Origins center around 8 assassins coming to Gotham City trying to collect a $50 million reward for the death of Batman, with both criminals and corrupt SWAT officers seeking that reward.

That’s why concussion grenades are introduced to the game; so that Batman does not have to kill Gotham City Policemen. Most of the gameplay footage shown takes place at Gotham City Police HQ, with Batman traversing the shadows to search for the files on his would-be killers. Staying out of sight requires another new tool in Batman’s utility belt: the Remote Claw. Not only can you use it to bring enemies together, but you can aim at one distant ledge, return the line and create a tightrope that allows the Bat to walk across high planes and avoid the police.

Check out both videos if you are interested. Batman: Arkham Origins will be released this Friday October 25 for the PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U.


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