Rift Autumn Harvest Running Now Through November 4


Ah, Autumn. It’s the time when leaves change their colors, the wind turns crisp, and a young man’s fancy turns to “Rift.” Wait, what?

It’s true, because from now through November 4, Autumn Harvest is back in “Rift” with a full slate of seasonal events, loot, and items. Oh, and some tricks and treats, naturally.

First up is the return of the Fae’s Realm of Autumn Harvest, which can be accessed from portals found throughout the game world. Why would you want to mess with the Fae on their own turf, you ask? Probably because they’ve got a bunch of loot from their previous invasions of Telara, and someone needs to go get it back.

On the homefront, special Halloween-themed rifts are spawning, and they’ve got pumpkins—except some of them are hazardous to your health. If PvP is more your thing, you can check out the Monster Mash Black Garden Warfront, where you’ll transform into seasonal creatures to do battle and earn a 50 percent bonus to Prestige and 100 percent bonuses to Favor, Notoriety, and XP.

Of course there’s special loot to go along with all of this, like Autumn Eyes potions that reveal rare invisible artifacts, spectral mounts, and special reward tokens that can be exchanged for limited edition gear. The Rift Store is stocked up with cosmetic items too, which will c0me in handy for the costume contest that begins on October 21.

Yeah, maybe you should get outside and enjoy the cool weather, but there’s still plenty of time to get your “Rift” on. Enjoy the harvest!