Lego Star Wars Games Coming To Mobile Devices In 2014?


Lego Star Wars…now, that’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time. A long time.

The popular game series has been mentioned in a leaked brochure from the European Brand Licensing Expo, picked up by Jedi News. In the special section dedicated to Star Wars content, it appears as though the Lego Star Wars games will be making their way to mobile devices in mid-2014. The only specific platform mentioned in the article is iOS, but at this time we cannot be certain in either the validity of this schedule or if Android is included, as well.

While there is also a lot of film and TV content covered in the brochure (check out FlickSided for analysis), we can see a healthy amount of video game content possibly coming out of Disney planned for the near future. Although the focus of Lego Star Wars, Angry Birds Star Wars and “Interactive Gaming” might feel as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, the idea of a “Digital Library Launch” headed for Fall/Winter 2014 might suddenly silence those outcries.

This could be many things. The sensible guess would be a Netflix-like release library of the old Star Wars films, holiday specials and TV series’, but my heart of hearts dreams for the beginning of digitally-released copies of classic Star Wars games. Just imagine playing Star Wars: Tie Fighter, Dark Forces and Rogue Squadron 3D once again, but this time on 64-bit architecture and on operating systems released this century! However, dreams pass in time.

Although the Lego Star Wars series coming to mobile devices in 2014 seems like a logical business decision, consider this information a rumor for the moment. Only a Sith deals in absolutes. It just seems odd that the official confirmation of upcoming Star Wars content would be made publicly available first at a brand licensing expo. We will be looking out for an official confirmation from either Disney or LucasArts on the matter in the days ahead.

Star Wars reference.