Dracula Sinks His Fangs Into Super Hero Squad Online


Has anyone else noticed that “Super Hero Squad Online” has been getting a little more… monstrous? I mean we’ve already seen Frankenstein, or rather Frankenstein’s Monster (a.k.a. Adam) join the fray earlier this month. Now we’re getting the lord of the vampires, Dracula himself, as the latest playable character.

The Count usually shows up as a villain in Marvel Comics, but we’re not always that picky about who shows up to fight for the forces of good in SHSO. So just enjoy being able to use his vampiric powers on  the bad guys, including “Bat Swarm” (probably self-explanatory), the “Vampi-riffic” team ability that boosts the speed and damage of his allies, and “Fist of the Vampire,” which sounds like an awesome name for a movie.

In the continuing spirit of Halloween, there’s also new badges avaialable for heroes who have a little monster in them, like Blade, the Werewolf, Sasquatch, and Ghost Rider. Also Doctor Strange, who may not have a direct connection to monsters but certainly has seen his share of weird stuff during his time as Sorcerer Supreme.

The scuttlebutt is that the next wave of characters will tie in to a certain Norse God of Thunder as he gets ready to hit movie screens again, but right now the focus is still Halloween in Super Hero City. Scare up some fun with Dracula right now, but keep him out of the sunlight, okay? Word is he’s not real fond of it.