NBA 2K14 ‘OMG’ Trailer Looks Damn Amazing On PS4


When the team at 2K Sports decided to name their PS4 gameplay trailer for NBA 2K14,”OMG,” it seemed very presumptuous. Of course it has to do a lot with marketing, but when you assume fans are going to be saying “Oh My God” after viewing gameplay footage, you better put up or shut up.

NBA 2K14 not only put up a show, but the visuals alone may have blasted NBA Live 14 out of the water.

Just 17 hours after EA Sports posted a graphically-lacking teaser for their upcoming NBA Live 14 trailer, the developers at Visual Concepts made sure that they would one-up their competitors. With gameplay footage produced from the PlayStation 4 version, NBA 2K14 showed off plenty of key improvements that completely justify the leap to next-gen console purchases.

The jersey physics are impeccable. The beads of sweat dripping off James Harden look photo-realistic. Kevin Durant looks like Kevin Durant. Steve Nash doesn’t look like a stand-in for a Team Fortress 2 character. Anthony Davis has one very distinctive eyebrow. Guys like LeBron James and Andre Iguodala not only play to the crowd, but they express very genuine emotion in their facial animations when on the court. Guys drive to the hoop and pop off perimeter shots very fluidly. After watching this trailer, don’t be surprised if you blurt out something more offensively apt than “OMG.”

Don’t just go off of my description of the trailer, watch it for yourself above! It’s got Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight” playing in the background, so it has something for everyone (including fans of sweet 80’s drum beats). NBA 2K14 is out now on PC and current-gen consoles and will launch in North America for the PS4 on November 15th and Xbox One on November 22nd.