Solstice Arena Goes Even More Cross-Platform On Steam (Trailer)


Just making “Solstice Arena” proved that Zynga was serious about branching out, exploring some different genres from the social games that had made it famous (or in some cases, infamous). Now the world’s self-described first “Speed MOBA” is diversifying even more, going someplace you’d ordinarily never look for a Zynga title: to Steam.

Yes, you can now play “Solstice Arena” for free on your PC via Steam. What’s more, the game is cross-platform in the truest sense, as people can play in the same matches on iOS, Mac or PC–and the developers say it’s balanced so there’s no advantage regardless of which one you choose.

Intended to take the intimidation factor out of MOBAs for those new to the genre but still offer a meaty enough experience for veterans, “Solstice Arena” has been well received for the most part. The “Speed” part comes from the fact that matches are intended to be over in 5 to 12 minutes, allowing for quick play on the go or lengthier sessions of multiple battles if so desired.

I had a chance to review “Solstice Arena” back when it first launched on iOS and was impressed with how it managed to achieve most of its goals. But you don’t need to take my word for it, as you can check out the game’s new trailer that celebrates its arrival on Steam. Oh, and we have it right here: