NBA Live 14 vs NBA 2k14: Which Looks Better


On Monday afternoon, 2K Sports released the first official screenshot for the next-gen version of the juggernaut that is NBA 2K14. On Tuesday, EA Sports released its latest screenshot for the upcoming release of NBA Live 14, a game many still know little about.

We’ve already looked at the differences between the current-gen version of NBA 2k14 and the next-gen version, but now it’s about time these two titles to go head-to-head. The NBA is the only one of the “big four” sports leagues to have competing video games — we aren’t counting MLB 2k13 as a game — and with the release of the games on the next generation of consoles a month away, it’s time to get into the voting mood and see which game’s visuals look more appealing to the Gamesiders.

NBA Live 14

NBA 2k14

So what do you think Gamesiders? Does NBA Live 14 have better graphics, or does the king reign supreme?


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