Blood And Madness Brings Halloween Back To Guild Wars 2


As seasonal MMO events go, the first “Guild Wars 2” Halloween content was pretty fun. Just watching everyone getting bossed around by the Mad King was a good time in and of itself, and ArenaNet no doubthad a few chuckles at its Pavlovian social experiment too.

But it sounds like whatever there is to laugh at this time around will be a little more twisted, as this year’s Halloween event is titled “Blood and Madness.” The Mad King is returning, but he’s got company in the form of the Bloody Prince, Edrick. The son of Oswald Thorn has even hijacked part of the Mad King’s Labyrinth and installed his undead troops there.

Other activities include trick-or-treating at haunted doors that have popped up all over Kryta, a challenging jumping puzzle at the Mad King’s Clocktower, and the Lunatic Inquisition, which pits villagers against couriers in a team-based survival game. In the spirit of the season, many of the rewards are based around candy corn: you can trade it for items like a Mini Bloody Prince and special crafting materials, or even earn a Mini Candy Corn Elemental so you’ll always have, um, delicious treats backing you up inyour adventures.

There’s more too, like Halloween-themed items in the Gem Store, quality of life fixes, balance updates, and info on the first World vs. World season. Get all the details on the official event site or simply log on to “Guild Wars 2” and get a taste of “Blood and Madness” right now.