Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Shows Off New Gameplay Features


The stream of new information coming out of Square Enix keeps on going, as the company released a new Kingdom Hearts III trailer at D23 Expo Japan. The video shows new enemies, attacks and summons based off of popular Disney-inspired universes. Check it out:

That’s not all. You can now pre-order Kingdom Hearts III from several gaming retailers, including






Judging by the short gameplay trailer, Kingdom Hearts III looks to be setting down on the right path. It has the same look and feel of previous entries (up to and including the UI), but now expands upon the combat system. Square Enix looks to use the most out of Disney’s licences by including new gameplay elements that look like Disney park rides. Both the Pirate Ship battle with the Nobodies and the Big Magic Mountain boss battle with Disney’s Hercules’ Titan go somewhere that the series hasn’t attempted before, while making sure to keep it within the realm of what a Kingdom Hearts game should be.

Another welcoming return is the music scoring. The series has always used composer Yoko Shimomura to create the wonderful music and soundtrack for the Kingdom Hearts series, and her ability to capture both moments of wonder and excitement and contrast that with a dramatic sense of urgency will hopefully continue on in this game.

Due to game director Tetsuya Nomura’s involvement in the creation of Final Fantasy XV, the release date of Kingdom Hearts III is unknown. It will be launched on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, however.