Galactic Starfighter Expansion Brings PvP Space Battles To Star Wars: The Old Republic


It’s safe to say that “Star Wars” without grand battles in space is… well, not “Star Wars.” That’s why there was such a sense of disappointment when “Star Wars: The Old Republic” launched with only its rail shooter space missions. It just wasn’t enough.

BioWare is rectifying that situation with the game’s next digital expansion, which gives a clue to what it’s all about with its title, “Galactic Starfighter.” The space battles players have been waiting for are arriving in the form of 12v12, PvP clashes between the Sith and the Republic. No rails here friends.

Winning battles in space can earn you special rewards for your regular character, and there  are new weapons, powers, and abilities to use on your starfighter as well.  If that sounds like your cup of tea, you can whet your appetite by scoping out the first trailer right now.

And as they say, membership has its privileges when it comes to when you can access the expansion. Players who subscribe by November 1 will get early access to “Galactic Starfighter” on December 3, along with special titles, pilot suits, and exclusive paint jobs for their fighters. Preferred players can join the fun on January 14, while the rest of the galaxy has to wait until February 4.

Will “Galactic Starfighter” be better late than never when it comes to injecting the dogfighting aspect that people love about “Star Wars” into “The Old Republic?” We’ll find out soon enough.