Marvel Reveals Upcoming Mobile Games At New York Comic Con Panel


If you’re a mobile or tablet gamer and also a big fan of Marvel super heroes, you already have some pretty good choices. There’s “Marvel: Avengers Alliance” if you like turn-based RPG-style games, “Avengers Initiative” for straight action, and even “Marvel Puzzle Quest: Dark Reign” if match-3 is more your thing. That’s still not enough to have every taste covered though, so even more games for people on the go are on the way.

At the House of Ideas panel at the recent New York Comic Con, Marvel dropped some details on a few upcoming games for smartphones and tablets, as well as content update plans for its established favorites. Here are some of the most interesting tidbits:

  • Though Marvel intentionally isn’t using the term “endless runner,” that’s probably the easiest way to categorize “Marvel Run Jump Smash!” Set against a 2D, side-scrolling backdrop, this game is said to be close to release in the US and will have players trying to switch from hero to hero to chain together the longest runs, jumps, and, um, smashes. Marvel also has designs on addign more heroes to the mix if it proves successful. It certainly has a different art style, with the Avengers appearing in big-headed caricature form.
  • A “Thor: The Dark World” mobile game is coming from Gameloft, and before you start the eye-rolling about movie tie-in games, this one sounds promising. It’s got multiple costumes and upgradeable hammers, plus fan favorite Beta Ray Bill as a playable character. Look for it early next month, close to the film’s release date.
  • “Avengers Alliance” will arrive on Android before the end of October. Moon Knight and a playable Loki earned in a new Spec-Ops mission are also hitting the popular Facebook and iOS versions soon.