Kabam, Universal Stay Partners For Another Fast & Furious Game


Like all of you, I’m still waiting for one of the movies in the seemingly unstoppable “Fast & Furious” series to be named “Faster & Furiouser.” Until then, we’ll take what we get, and what we’ll be getting in 2014 is not just the seventh film in the franchise, but another mobile and tablet game to go with it.

Kabam announced today that it will continue to partner with Universal on another “Fast & Furious” game, this one based on the upcoming flick that will hit theaters on July 11, 2014.

“The ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise is a global phenomenon that continues to evolve as the scale of the films grow bigger with each new release,” Andrew Sheppard, President of Kabam Studios, said in a company press release. “Kabam is proud to continue to collaborate with Universal on such a fun and mass-appeal franchise to develop a new mobile game that progresses with the same ambition of the series.”

The ongoing relationship makes perfect sense for Kabam, as “Fast & Furious 6: The Game” was the company’s fastest growing title ever, getting 17 million installs within a month of its release this past May. Since the movies show no signs of slowing down—indeed, “Fast & Furious 6” was the highest grossing installment to date—there should be plenty of appetite for another mobile game too.

With the movies continuing to evolve from street racing to insane action that just happens to have a lot of cars in it, it should be interesting to see how Kabam handles its next effort. Keep your eyes peeled for the game next summer, and we’ll have more info here on GameSided as it gets closer to release.