Youtube Gaming Community Clicks: September 2013

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Yet another Youtuber from my home and native land, michaelalfox (aka the Foxman) is a Spelunky expert. He constantly finishes Daily Challenges in the Top 50-100 and helped put the game on the map when it came out on XBLA. He focuses on longer plays with commentary, with most episodes lasting upwards of 50 minutes (with some of them even reaching 4 hours).

He’s no one-trick pony, however. He also spends a lot of time on other games, including early access to Godus, The Curse of Monkey Island and a plethora in every edition of his livestream, titled “Foxman Live.”

You should probably view one of his Spelunky runs, including the video above. He makes a very, VERY difficult game look easy, at times.