Youtube Gaming Community Clicks: September 2013

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Varying from subtle and well-spoken reviews to over-the-top satire, Flimsii’s Youtube gaming channel is a little bit different from others. First off, he creates videos sporadically, giving each one no matter how long it is all the attention it deserves.

You may have seen one of his videos, but might not have not known it belonged to Flimsii. His takes on Telltale’s The Walking Dead, with most notably, “The Walking Feel,” are arguably his best pair of videos. I also take a shining to his most popular video, “Dark Souls 2: Prepare To Casual Edition ‘Trailer,’“as I too share the same worries that Dark Souls II will not cater to hardcore players in the same way as Dark Souls did.

While some of his collection could be considered “crass,” I believe that the messaging involved is honest. Plus, they’re entertaining, so what more do you want? Click on the above video to get an accurate depiction of Skullgirls online play.