Blood Bowl 2: First Screenshots Released


As Professor Farnsworth said many times over the years, “Good news everyone!” Cyanide Studio and Focus Home Interactive are working on “Blood Bowl 2,” and they’re far enough along to release the first screenshots from the sequel to the most recent video game take on the classic tabletop game.

Pictured here is a Blitzer from the Reikland Reavers, one of the most iconic teams in the “Blood Bowl” universe. The new game’s solo campaign will put you at the helm of that storied franchise, taking you through “an epic saga packed with risk, dangers and spectacular matches on the way to winning the Blood Bowl.”

The League mode gives you full control over your own franchise, managing the team, club, and stadium to create exactly the squad you have in mind. Cyanide is also promising new features for Multiplayer games that will make them welcoming to newbies but fun for experienced players as well.

All of the action is being rendered by a new graphics engine created just for the sequel. Presentation upgrades include dynamic camera angles and the commentary team of Jim Johnson and Bob Bifford, last heard from in the trailer for the original game.

If you’ve never played “Blood Bowl” before, imagine a game of football played in the world of “Warhammer”—complete with all the mayhem, magic, and bloodshed that implies. It’s been a longtime favorite as a miniatures game, and Cyanide has done a great job so far bringing faithful translations to the PC.

“Blood Bowl 2” looks like it has the potential to keep the winning streak alive. Stay tuned to GameSided in the weeks and months to come for more updates as they are released.