Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 10/10/13


"Sony has distanced itself from reports that up to 1,000 student interns were put to work on a Foxconn assembly line for PS4.Engineering students from Xi’an Institute of Technology were reportedly told that if they didn’t participate in the internship program, they wouldn’t receive course credits required to graduate. But according to various reports, the students were assigned to jobs that had no relation to their fields of study, including assembling and packing PS4s.In a statement issued to Quartz, the Chinese manufacturer acknowledged that engineering students from Xi’an Institute of Technology were assigned to night shifts and overtime in violation of the company’s policies."


"New court documents have shown that EA was, at one point, talking about purchasing now-defunct publisher THQ.The once-considered deal was unearthed as part of THQ suing EA and UFC parent company Zuffa over a claimed fraudulent transfer regarding the video game license to the popular MMA league.THQ, who made UFC games between 2009 and 2012, alleges EA used information obtained when it was discussing the sale of the company to undermine the publisher’s position with Zuffa, with EA later purchasing the rights to the UFC and Zuffa paying THQ $10m to terminate its contract with THQ early."


"“Pokemon X and Y” for the Nintendo 3DS are without a doubt some of the most highly anticipated games of 2013, as well as the most highly anticipated games for the 3DS console, and as such players all over the world have been dying for the game to be released early so they could get their hands on it.After the leaks in Canada and Italy last week, everyone’s hopes for a leak here in Australia were heightened, and it seems like the largest distributor of video games in the country; EB Games, has accidentally sent out a few copies of the games to those who had ordered online. At least one user posted a photo of their copy of “Pokemon X,” as well as their receipt from EB Games to the company’s official Facebook page."

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