GOG.com Giving Away The Witcher As Part Of Birthday Celebration


Usually when you attend a birthday party, you’re bringing a present. GOG.com is turning things around to the benefit of PC gamers everywhere, as its actually been giving the gifts in honor of its fifth birthday. The DRM-free computer games site may have saved the best for last though, as the final week of its birthday bash has it giving away “The Witcher: Enhanced Edition” for free. That’s right, as in no cost.

There’s a catch, of course, but it’s a small one: you have to buy another game from the extensive GOG.com catalog of downloads. That shouldn’t be an issue considering how many classics from different genres the site has to choose from, and there are other games on sale to help add to the selection this week as well. The strategy RPG “Dragon Commander” is 40 percent off at $26.79, while the newly added point-and-click adventure trilogy “Legend of Kyrandia” is 33 percent off at $11.97.

But they still can’t match “The Witcher” at 100 percent off, and we can say with full confidence that you’ll never find the acclaimed action-RPG at a better discount than that. Unless you paid us to play it, which we would. Gladly. Anyway, the GOG.com offer expires at 5:59 AM ET on October 17, so you’ve got until then to decide if you want “The Witcher” for free. And you probably do.