SimplyGames PS4 Pre-Order Ransoming Deemed Illegal


In the ongoing case of SimplyGames forcing already-existing customers to buy a more-expensive PS4 bundle in order to guarantee their PS4 shipment on Day 1, not only does it seem like the UK retailer is not backing down, but it has been deemed illegal. That is according to the UK’s Trading Standard board, in charge of enforcing and regulating consumer-related legislation.

"You can have a contract where the price agreed is the price at the time of delivery, such as a new car on a long waiting list. Here the seller cannot control the product price months down the line. This appears to be profiteering. The seller is raising the price hoping people either drop out or pay more. If they drop out the seller can resell at a higher price to another customer…It is illegal and up to the Home Authority to intervene if the seller is UK based. This is one of those occasions when swift injunctive action is needed to prevent consumers being ripped off."

These bundles are not the official bundles created by Sony, meaning any deflections made by SimplyGames are simply evasion tactics. It is a sobering thought to see Trading Standards act so quickly in their investigation into the matter, backing up the consumer in saying that there needs to be action taken. The fact that SimplyGames may not be the biggest of the UK gaming retailers may have something to do with it, however, as there are murmurs of Game trying to do similar things to select customers (of course, subject to hearsay).

The PlayStation 4 will launch in the UK and select regions across Europe and the rest of the world on November 29th, will be released here in North America on November 25th and in Japan on February 22nd, 2014.