LocoCycle May Be Coming To Xbox 360, PC


When LocoCycle was showcased at this year’s E3 Expo, it was expected to be an Xbox One launch exclusive. Well, if a recent finding by twitter user @LifeLower is to be believed, the game may also be appearing on different platforms.

According to recent German rating classifications, Twisted Pixel’s LocoCycle — a game about a motorcycle that goes rouge and drags its rider cross country — will also be making appearances on the Xbox 360 and PC. Though it has been only rated in Germany, the likelihood of LocoCycle only being available on other platforms overseas is slim-to-none. The finding has yet to be commented on by Microsoft or the developer behind the game, Twisted Pixel.

LocoCycle releases for download on, at least, the Xbox One Games Store on November 22 for $20.


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