Big Business Deluxe Coming To iPhone And Amazon Appstore


The way the business world works in this part of the 21st Century, it’s not hard to imagine a CEO controlling the fortunes of his or her company armed with nothing more than a smartphone. Not all of us can be movers and shakers in that sphere, but we can at least play the role in a similar way with Game Insight’s mobile business strategy sim, “Big Business Deluxe.” Already a hit on Android, the game is coming soon for iPhone and through the Amazon Appstore.

Kind of like a “SimCity” with a focus specifically on the economic side of things, “Big Business Deluxe” offers players a way to exercise their tycoon tendencies on the go. Revenus is generated by more than 40 types of structures producing dozens of kinds of products, but the game also challenges people to figure out logistics: distribution, transportation, etc.

Helping out along the way are more than 150 different items to unlock usueful bonuses. A colorful cast of characters assigns quests to help keep players on a productive path. And since this is a Game Insight title, you know the expected social features are in there too.

No release date for the new platforms has been revealed yet, but you can keep tabs on “Big Business Deluxe” on the company website and check back here for a review of the iOS version when we get our hands on it.