WWE 2k14: Creation Suite Details Revealed


Create-A-Championship is back!

During a livestream on its official TwitchTV account, the WWE Games team at 2K Sports announced the latest features for the first wrestling game under the 2K Sports license: WWE 2K14.

The WWE 2k14 Creation Suite allows users to have the most freedom the game has ever allowed users to have. WWE 2k14 brings customization, a feature that continues to be the most popular part of the WWE game franchise, to an unheard of level. In addition to the returning Create-A-Superstar, Move Set, Entrance and Arena, WWE 2k14 features the return of a popular creation mode as well as the inclusion of a brand new feature.

Returning to the series is Create-A-Championship, a feature that hasn’t been seen in five years. Users will be able to create their own titles for use in Exhibition and Universe modes from scratch. They will be able to add logos, change plates, define their own colors and add decals.

The new mode, entitled Superstar Heads, will allow users to fully edit select WWE Superstars from everything from attire to entrance.

Full details of the Creation Suite announcement can be found below:

Custom Superstar

  • New Superstar Heads allows the user to fully customize select WWE Superstars’ body and attire. The edits can then be saved as alternate attires or a new superstar all togehter.
  • New ability to apply social media callouts for created Superstars
  • Entrances can now be edited via the Superstar Threads screen
  • Now 100 Create-A-Superstar slots, up from 50.
  • New additions to help make the most unique superstars possible
  • New motions for Create-A-Finisher

Custom Championship

  • Customize the color of titles and apply logos, decals and designs to the front and side plates
  • Titles can be used in Universe mode.

Custom Arena

  • Four new venue sizes
  • New video filters to set era tone
  • Over 20 new stages to choose from

Custom Entrance

  • New motions, music, and videos in Custom Entrance mode
  • Ability to cast the positions of tag team and 3 man tag entrance motions
  • Ability to turn on/off different video screens

WWE 2k14 releases on October 29th in North America for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It releases internationally on November 1.


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