Madden 25: CoachGlass Coming To Xbox One


Let’s face it, compared to playing offense, playing defense in Madden is more of a hassle than enjoyable part of the gaming experience.

You’re not sure what plays work against what formations, and you consistently run the risk of picking a play that leaves your defense in the dust as the opposing offense just runs right by for a touchdown. It’s frustrating and, at times, down right annoying.

EA Sports hopes to change all of that with the introduction of “CoachGlass” to the Xbox One version of Madden NFL 25.

Utilizing the Microsoft’s SmartGlass service, EA Sports created a virtual defensive coordinator with CoachGlass. The new app, which will be available to support devices on November 19, gives players an all-new way to select the best defense for stopping their opponents.

CoachGlass will help players in three different ways according to the Madden 25 development team.

The first way shows the percentage that the offense runs specific personnel groups and formations. Once the formation is selected, the app will give players three different pays to select from based on play-versus-play data gathered by the thousands of Madden 25 online games played in order to help select the best play to stop the personnel on the field. It will also give players the top threats to focus on in a given play.

The second way to use the app allows players to look at the opponent’s tendencies in order to select the best defensive play. If a player has a habit of running screens to the right, the app will tell you that and suggest a play where a player covers the flat.

The third, and most in-depth, way to use CoachGlass tracks play-versus-play data throughout the game. Based on that data collected, players will then be able to see what players like to do in certain situations of the game whether it be 1st & 10 or 4th & 2.

Courtesy EA Sports:

"YOUR OWN COORDINATORAs soon as the opponent picks an offensive formation, CoachGlass will recommend three plays based on either the personnel or the opponent’s tendencies. This data is pulled from tens of thousands of online games and is tailored for specific formations and plays. Once you select your play, CoachGlass will then highlight the opponent’s biggest threats, allowing you to key in on the most dangerous players.CO-OP OPPORTUNITIESLooking to hand off the X’s and O’s responsibility? Simply have a friend or family member take over on CoachGlass to let them assume defensive coordinator duties while you focus on shutting down the opposition. CoachGlass gives players a whole new way to experience Madden NFL 25, and helps teach basic play-calling strategy in a fun, intuitive way.DYNAMIC UPDATESNew data is constantly being fed into CoachGlass, allowing for even more accurate tracking of opponent tendencies and strategy. The Madden NFL servers capture the result of every online play, and CoachGlass will be regularly updated for easy access to the best plays available, regardless of the situation.INSTANT RECALLLooking for that killer blitz that led to a big play earlier in the game? CoachGlass remembers the last 64 plays called and provides an in-depth look at the most effective plays. Search through your plays to reveal trends in order to get a read on what your opponent is going to call next."


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