Call of Duty Ghosts: Alien Horde Co-Op Mode Discovered


A screen cap of the trailer showing the new Extinction mode courtesy of

It seems that Infinity Ward has finally found a competitive answer to Treyarch’s popular Zombie Mode and it comes in the form of an Alien Horde.

A new unannounced mode called “Extinction” has made its way into the public eye thanks to the release of the latest Call of Duty: Ghosts trailer on Monday. The mode has yet to be detailed by Infinity Ward, but, as detailed by


and the 0:24 second mark of the above trailer, there is definitely a new mode for gamers to sink their teeth in to.

As you can see in the achievement listing above, aspects of the new mode and the mode itself are mentioned quite a few times. With the information getting out, one has to wonder when Infinity Ward will make the announcement of the mode official.

Call of Duty: Ghosts releases on November 5 for PC, Wii U, PS3, and Xbox 360. It is also a launch title for PS4 (Nov 15) and Xbox One (Nov 22).


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