Ranking The Best Grand Theft Auto Games

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6. Grand Theft Auto 2

This was the last of the overhead 2D era of Grand Theft Auto, and it could not come any sooner. Grand Theft Auto 2 wasn’t a bad game; it was far from it. It introduced the saving system via $50,000 church donations, a huge step up in the series. Rockstar also stepped up the level of governmental interference, jumping up from simple local police to SWAT, special agents and the army. That, combined with expanded missions and extra activities greatly improved upon the ideals of what GTA was to ultimately become.

It’s not all kill frenzies and interacting with gang members. The gameplay is largely the same as in GTA, as you still advanced through levels by attaining certain score levels in the futuristic city, opening up new areas. As well, the idea of raving gangs are mostly encouraged, with the exception of the Loonies. I’m not one to be ultra PC, but GTA 2 has an outdated view on how the mentally ill operate. Other than that it is an alright game, just a lesser Grand Theft Auto game.