Ranking The Best Grand Theft Auto Games

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The Grand Theft Auto series has been an important addition to the video game industry. Rockstar Games has somehow managed to combine razor-sharp wit and parody with pure, unadulterated action and violence. If it weren’t for the storytelling it would be lumped in with other third person open world games, but GTA is in a league of its own.

With the recent release of Grand Theft Auto V (and after completing the game myself) I thought it would be best to rank the best Grand Theft Auto games in order of excellence. I have done this once before with Final Fantasy, and some of the same rules apply. They must be part of the mainline series, meaning expansions, mobile games and DLC standalone games are left off this list.

Remember, these are my opinions. If you disagree with my rankings, make sure to leave a constructive comment in the section below or personally to me on my Twitter account. With that, let’s begin!

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