Farming Simulator 2013 Titanium Edition Coming On October 10


It’s a pretty safe bet that more people have played farming-themed video games than have actually farmed. You’re probably one of them. But have you ever farmed with titanium?

Okay that really didn’t even make any sense. It’s still relevant though, because the “Farming Simulator 2013 Titanium Edition” is on its way this week. Titanium is an expansion to the regular version of the PC game and available as an add-on, while the “Titanium Edition” will include both the orginial game and the new content.

The expansion doubles the size of the playing area and adds an American backdrop so you can truly simulate farming in the USA. It also incorporates features from the console version of “Farming Simulator 2013” into the PC game, plus new vehicles. Look for new tractors, harvesters, trucks, and some other stuff that I’m not even sure what to call. All told, over 150 different tractors and vehicles from numerous different manufacturers are now represented.

That’s a lot of vehicles. You’ll probably never get around to using them all on your PC or Mac, but at least you could if you wanted to—and that’s not even counting everything the modding community has contributed. Look for the Titanium expansion or standalone edition in stores or on the official website on October 10.