MLB 13: The Show ALDS Rays vs Red Sox Series Simulation

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Rays vs Red Sox: Game 4

That’s right, we have our first 5 game series of the postseason with the Rays win. Zobrist doubled twice and stole a base after his third hit fell for a single. Delmon Young was in left field for this game (lol defense), but he managed to keep his glove unsullied and earned his spot with 3 singles of his own. Alex Cobb followed in the footsteps of Archer by throwing a complete game, 1 run, 4 hit performance of his own. His 7 K’s didn’t reach Archer’s 9, but he came out with the win, and that’s what counts.

Mike Carp got his chance in Game 4 and evolved into Gyarados, bringing in 3 of his club’s 4 hits. The other lone hit belonged to Stephen Drew, who batted in Carp during the 4th inning for his team’s only run. The pitching was also embarrassing, with Jake Peavy lasting only 4.1 innings after giving up 4 ER, 10 hits, 2 walks and 3 K’s.

Who will come out on top and win the series?