Game Insight Takes The Wraps Off Chinese Tanks For Tank Domination


When it releases later this year, Game Insight’s multiplayer tank battle game “Tank Domination” is going to let players chose from American, Russian, and Chinese vehicles to duke it out in 10v10 armored skirmishes set in the near future of 2023. The company recently showed off the Chinese tanks and self-propelled guns that will appear in the game, making it appear that everyone will have plenty of options when the game hits mobile devices.

Along with four different light tanks, two medium tanks and two artillery guns, the Chinese forces will feature the Type 90-II (pictured above) and the Type 90-II FH for people who want to get in the cockpit of heavy tanks. In all, 30 different vehicles are expected to make their way into the release version.

Along with the natural awesomeness of 20 tanks going at it, one of the big selling points of “Tank Domination” is true cross-platform play across iOS and Android devices, though it looks set to hit the App Store before it debuts on Gogle Play. Our own Michael Straw had a chance to go hands-on with an early beta version a few weeks ago and was impressed with the gameplay and graphics even with only three vehicles playable at the time.

You can keep up with the latest news at the official site or just keep an eye on GameSided to find out when you’ll be able to dominate with tanks on your tablet.