Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition Available For Pre-Order, Coming November 15 For PC And Mac


If one good hit really does deserve another, then the success of “Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition” made the arrival of “Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition” something of a fait accompli. Now we know that PC and Mac users can save the date of November 15 for its release, as well as pre-order a copy now if they so desire.

“Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition” includes the original game, subtitled “Shadows of Amn,” plus its expansion “Throne of Baal.” But what really makes it enhanced is full HD resolution support and remastered art, along with new content in the form of four new allies, each with their own personal lines of quests. There’s even an arena area where players can brush up on their tactical skills.

The game retains its foundation in 2nd Edition D&D rules and should follow its predecessor in that it will feature a cross-platform multiplayer mode… eventually. Mobile versions for iOS and Android are in the works, but no release dates have been announced just yet.

Anyone pre-ordering “Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition” can pre-load it for PC and Mac through the Beamdog client or a standalone installer that is coming soon. Doing so will mean the game is ready to go when it unlocks on November 15.

Sounds like a good enough reason to head back to the Forgotten Realms, unless you’re a purist and would rather play the excellent originals. Either way, there will be options for everyone to play this RPG classic next month, and that’s always a good thing.