Tom Clancy, Author And Gaming Collaborator, Dies At 66


According to Business Insider Tom Clancy, American author and co-founder of Red Storm Entertainment (responsible for the early development of Tom Clancy video games) has passed away at a Baltimore hospital earlier today. He was 66.

He is perhaps most notable for his work in paper-bound storytelling, including penning the works of, “The Hunt For Red October,” “The Sum Of All Fears,” “Rainbow Six,” and “Clear And Present Danger,” with a great number of works becoming great Hollywood movies. However, back in 1996 he co-founded Red Storm Entertainment, the development company responsible for the creation of some of the earliest games to use the Tom Clancy name.

The company was later bought out by Ubisoft, who continue to make Tom Clancy video games to this day. The following games and series use Tom Clancy as a prefix: “Rainbow Six,” “Ghost Recon,” “Splinter Cell,” and the upcoming tactical action RPG release of, “The Division.” While we do not know how much influence Mr. Clancy has had in the development of some of these games late into his life, they all follow the guidelines needed to make a piece of work that carries the Tom Clancy name. Even though the man has passed away today, his spirit will live on through the multitude of works that he has created over several decades.