Morning DLC: Video Games News And Rumors 10/2/13


"The core development team on “Half-Life 3” includes some of Valve’s most senior creators as well as a modder who built a “Half-Life 2” spin-off, according to private information leaked online.Late on Tuesday, Valve’s project management system (based on the popular Jira service) was accessible to the public, due to what is suspected to be an internal human error. The files revealed that ten staff members make up the core “Half-Life 3” development team, with an additional 46 people working on the project.Valve has not once publicly discussed the “Half-Life 3” project since it shipped “Half-Life 2: Episode 2” in 2007, meaning the leaked management data is the first conclusive evidence of Valve’s intentions with the long-awaited project."


"Bethesda Softworks today announced the opening of its new Australian publishing offices, as the company looks to better control the distribution and marketing of its games in the Asia Pacific region.ZeniMax Australia, based out of Sydney, is headed up by newly appointed managing director Simon Alty, previously managing director at One to Another, the marketing firm that helped launch “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim” in Australia."


"Multichannel retailer of video games, GameStop Corp. would hire about 17,000 seasonal employees nationwide to assist in the upcoming launches of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One console as well as to cater to the busy holiday shopping season. The company had recruited nearly an equal number of employees during the same time period last year.The highly awaited launch of PS4 and XBOX is scheduled for Nov 15 and Nov 22, respectively. GameStop expects to benefit hugely from the release of these two consoles. Further, the company experiences a rise in demand that continues through the holidays. Therefore, the company is leaving no stone unturned to exploit these opportunities and is thereby hiring enough employees to assist customers and enhance their shopping experience."