Indie Devs Team Up For ‘Not On Steam Sale’


If you play games on PC, you already know about Steam’s incredible sales. In fact if I was a betting man (and I am!), I’d wager you have some games from one of those sales that you haven’t even gotten around to playing yet. But you better get ready for a ‘Not on Steam Sale,’ because there’s one going on right now.

Simply put, the ‘Not on Steam Sale‘ is a case of indie developers banding together to help each other out. Specifically, it’s a project whose aim is to get some more attention for games in the Steam Greenlight queue. Over 30 teams are participating, offering both released games and pre-orders for discounts of 25 to 50 percent off their retail prices.

Flippfly is heading up the sale, and the team has already seen the benefits as its game “Race the Sun” has already been greenlit. Featured titles in the sale that are still trying to drum up support include “Blood of the Werewolf” (pictured above) by Scientifically Proven, “Girls Like Robots” by Popcannibal, “Tiny Barbarian DX” by StarQuail, and “The Sea Will Claim Everything” by Lands of Dream.

Anyone who buys one of the games in the sale will automatically receive a Steam code for that game if and when it gets through the Greenlight process. The wide variety of games participating means there’s something for just about any taste, so check out the sale now through October 8. And if you find something you like, don’t forget to vote!