In an effort to rebound from last week's In an effort to rebound from last week's

This Week’s South Park Is Centered Around Minecraft


In an effort to rebound from last week’s head-scratcher of an episode, this week’s episode of South Park will take on the popular video game Minecraft. The episode is titled, “Informative Murder Porn, and the tag for the episode reads as follows:

“The boys use the game of Minecraft as a distraction that keeps their parents from hurting each other.”

Here is a sneak preview:

This isn’t the first time that the comedy duo of Matt Stone and Trey Parker have made fun of video games on South Park. Fans of the immature, yet oft-hilarious television show will remember the 10th season episode, entitled,

“Make Love, Not Warcraft,”

in which the kids (and parents) try their best to vanquish an evil force that cheats while playing World of Warcraft. It played well upon the themes of video game addiction and childhood obesity, while making fun of how nerdy WoW can be in true South Park fashion.

Another popular episode, “Guitar Queer-o,” centered around the party/music game Guitar Hero. Not only did South Park adequately sum up the silliness of pretending to be in a real-life rock band but took it one step further, including a parody of drugged out rockstars who spiral out of control and “chase the heroin dragon.” I have no worries that Minecraft will be portrayed incorrectly and am looking forward to see just exactly what angle Comedy Central’s show is willing to explore about the video game.

The Minecraft-themed episode of South Park will air this Wednesday, October 2nd at 10PM ET on Comedy Central. Hopefully the network does some smart marketing and shows off some new South Park: The Stick of Truth video during the commercials.