New Next-Gen Madden Trailer Released


The release of the next generation of consoles is just around the corner, and more and more information is starting come out in regards to games for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

One of the most anticipated titles to be released with the new consoles is EA Sports’ Madden 25. Madden 25’s current-gen sales have been lackluster — compared to last season — due to the upcoming release of the next gen, but that doesn’t mean the hype isn’t there.

The development team at Tiburon has released a brand new trailer showcasing the game’s presentation like new animations and overall visuals. The trailer focuses on the new ignite engine that will be the driving force behind the new games from here on out.

The first thing you notice after watching is just how stunning the game looks. While some may not be too into the aesthetics of the game, the realism of the field and stadiums is just a phenomenal addition thanks to the new technology.

Another cool aspect of the technology capabilities that the new ignite engine has is the ability to detail the players so much so that you can see individual beads of sweat. It adds another sense of realism to a game that always looks to replicate what you watch on Sundays from your couch.  Of course, none of the visual improvements matter if the gameplay doesn’t improve.

The game can look absolutely stunning, but if the gameplay falls off, then fans won’t care how it looks. One thing’s for sure: release date can’t come soon enough.

Madden 25 for the new consoles will be released three days ahead of each consoles release date: PS 4, November 12; Xbox One, November 19.