NBA 2k14: New Trailer Released


NBA 2K14 releases for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 tomorrow which means the focus of the promotions team is set to be set on the next generation of consoles.

On Monday, the NBA 2K team released the latest trailer for their first title on the PS 4 and Xbox One, and, like the first trailer shown during Sony’s Pre-E3 conference, shows not much as far how the game will play on the newest systems.

What we do get, however, is a look at some in-game graphics which, as expected, look absolutely stunning. The game looks as close to realism as it ever has.

One has to wonder just when 2k’s competition, NBA Live 14, will release any information on its game. With the current-gen version of 2k14 releasing tomorrow, it has to be believed that EA Sports lost out on a big opportunity to get people talking about its game. Now, it’s likely that all of the talk will be about the juggernaut that is NBA 2k14.

NBA 2k14 is a next-gen launch title, and will release on November 15 (PS4) and November 22 (Xbox One).

What are your thoughts on NBA 2k14? Are you excited for it, or are you waiting for more information on its competition, NBA Live 14, before giving out judgement?


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