Video Games Live! Launches Kickstarter for Level 3


Video Games Live! Founder Tommy Tallarico wants to create a third album, and is looking to fans and Kickstarter to help make it happen.

The pledge goal has been set to $250,000, which would directly fund the studio recording of an album slated to be called “Level 3”.

Additionally, the group’s stretch goals include being able to produce a DVD/Blu-ray film of a full length concert show.

Fans who pledge at least $5 will appear as a donor in the DVD/Blu-ray credits and CD digital credits. Additionally, they will receive download access to a 15 track compilation, exclusively available for the Kickstarter cause.

As a professional video game orchestra that tours the world, the group hopes to compose “Level 3” as a 15-18 track arrangement.

Tallarico had this to say on his Kickstarter campaign page:

"Although VGL has obtained a lot of accolades and success, the music industry and record companies are VERY different and no music or record company is willing to invest the budget needed to accomplish our goals and put out a top quality product that we and the entire game industry can be proud of. They don’t believe in the culturally artistic significance of video game music and they don’t believe that people are interested in listening after the game is turned off.  And that’s where YOU come in!"

Fans can head on over to the official Kickstarter campaign page here.