Top 25 Offensive & Defensive Players of Madden 13 – Part 4


Here’s part 4 of our “Top 25 Offensive & Defensive Players of Madden 13″ feature. We check out #16-14 today.

Check out yesterday’s part 3 and my assessment criteria/explanation in regards to the creation of the list.


16.  QB – Michael Vick (6’0 215)

Key Ratings: 90 SPD/91 ACC/97 THP/81 DAC/93 RUN

The Michael Vick Experience isn’t what it used to be, but we all knew he was going on to be on this list. The question then was “Where on the rankings?”. MV7 doesn’t have the speed that he used to in Madden, but he definitely still is elite when it comes to swerving qb spies and causing havoc behind his line. Vick would definitely rank higher if his throwing ratings were better, unfortunately he’s prone to missing key throws. But one thing he still has along with his quickness is his raw throwing power. He’s one of the few that can bullet throws through tight windows, as well as keeping stride on Jackson and Maclin streaks.

15. WR – A.J. Green (6’4 207)

Key Ratings: 90 SPD/96 CTH/97 SPC/97 BPR/97 JMP

The special thing about the Madden 13 A.J. Green is that he plays like a faster Brandon Marshall, or a taller Dez Bryant. When it comes to wideouts, speed and height have typically dominated other ratings, and Green’s got both. Despite his 90 speed, Green can take the roof off any defense, it’s just how he plays in this game. His combination of height, catch, and jump ratings make him the second best player to run endzone fades with a pass lead down as well.

14. QB – Russell WIlson (5’11 206)

Key Ratings: 86 SPD/93 THP/87 SAC/85 MAC/83 DAC

The Seahawks have an elite defense that allows schemers a chance to be creative, and that makes the team extremely fun to play with. But as great as your defense may be, the main reason Seahawks users win games and put up points is Russell Wilson. Out of the elite speed QBs of Madden 13, Wilson is on the slower side of the spectrum, but he definitely has enough quickness to rush for 100 yards on any given night. On top of that, he just has such solid throwing abilities, regardless of what route you have your weapons running.


16. RE – Jason Pierre-Paul (6’5 278)

Key Ratings: 85 SPD/97 ACC/85 JMP/98 FMV/96 PUR

JPP has the athleticism that we saw the trio of hybrid OLB/DEs we saw in yesterday’s Part 3 of our Top 25 rankings, but he also has typical defensive line size to go with that. Just like his real life self, Madden 13 Pierre-Paul has a constant motor and consistently sheds his blocker to harass the QB or ball carrier. His jump rating and height also make him an ideal option when wanting to play more of a max coverage defense, as well as tipping balls at the line

15. CB – Brandon Browner (6’4 221)

Key Ratings: 80 CTH/94 JMP/87 MCV/93 ZCV/91 PRS

Brandon Browner has come a long way since his CFL days, and is now one half of the best Cornerback-duo in Madden 13. Though he doesn’t have the high speed rating that most people look for in corners, Browner typically plays really well in the game because of his height and jump ratings. And he also puts that good positioning to use with a catch rating that would make most corners envious. Browner’s size also lets him put a mean press on the number two receivers he usually gets lined up against.

14. OLB/LE – Von Miller (6’3 237)

Key Ratings: 88 SPD/94 ACC/95 TAK/99 FMV/97 BSH

I’ll provide some insight and say that this is the last hybrid OLB/DE on the list, which means I have Von Miller as the best of his class in Madden 13. Denver saw a lot more usage this year with the addition of Peyton Manning, and as exciting as Manning is in Madden 13, Miller is the equivalent on the defensive side. Elite tackling, shedding, and athleticism mean utter frustration on blitzes and in max coverage.

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Note: Kristian Cuaresma began playing Madden in 2004 when introduced to the game by a circle of friends who had their own league. He then started playing competitively in 2006, and has since competed in several tournaments (both in Canada and the US) as well as various online competitions. Highlights including finishing top 16 in Canadian Madden Challenge, as well as finishing top 32 in the 2009 MLG Online Madden Challenge.