Scuf Gaming Team Up With Avenged Sevenfold


With the help of American rockband Avenged Sevenfold, Scuf Gaming recently unveiled the newest addition to their line of competitive gaming controllers.

The controller, which has the band’s logo repeated on the surface, also comes with a certificate signed by members of the band.

The band’s lead vocalist M. Shadows is apparently a Call of Duty enthusiast and fell in love with Scuf Gaming when he found out about the controllers in 2012. He had this to say about the release of the Scuf Avenged Hybrid:

"Since using SCUF controllers I was hooked and I’m delighted, after many talks, we are finally releasing the SCUF Avenged. This controller is rad, not only because it looks amazing, but it actually improves your gaming – this is a perfect addition and something we are excited to endorse! I’m sure this will especially appeal to our fans so I agreed we would give each person a signed certificate who purchased a SCUF Avenged."

Scuf controllers are known for intuitive features such as their paddle buttons and trigger stops. The paddle buttons, which are located on the back of the controller, allow gamers access to buttons normally found on the right side (letters on the Xbox and shapes on the PS3) without having to remove their thumb from the right stick. Trigger stops are designed to let gamers have the quickest response times on firing weapons by reducing the normal depth of the controller’s trigger buttons.

Though these are basically “modded” controllers, everything sold by Scuf Gaming has been approved of by many professional gaming organizations around the world.