Star Wars: Battlefront Projected For Summer 2015 Release


At an annual shareholders meeting at EA yesterday, CFO Blake Jorgensen announced (via Polygon) that Star Wars: Battlefront will most likely come out for the summer of 2015, in anticipation of the release of Star Wars Episode VII.

As part of George Lucas signing over the rights to Star Wars for $4 Billion last year, Disney later shut down production of LucasArts, the video game division. Instead, they kept a small staff to work as a video game licencor, later giving rights to produce the core Star Wars games to the publishing company EA Games.  They have since given the rights to develop the newest edition of Star Wars: Battlefront to subsidiary DICE, the company responsible for creating the Battlefield series and Mirror’s Edge.

It will be interesting to see how the company approaches development of Battlefront. The series is well-loved by its fans, especially those who have been clamoring for a new title ever since the last one was released in October 2005. DICE is a trustworthy company who have created a plethora of universally praised games (according to Metacritic metrics), but knowing EA Games’ history of dubious money-making practices (including Day 1 DLC, season passes, etc.) we’ll have to look out for any sorts of red flags on the way to its inevitable release.