Julie Larson-Green Is The New Boss Of Xbox At Microsoft


With Don Mattrick leaving to become the CEO of Zynga earlier this month, Microsoft thought about what they could do to better themselves in the future. It turns out that move was to restructure the company, noted in a memo to Microsoft employees, in a way to make operations run more smoothly.

In the middle of these changes comes news that Julie Larson-Green will lead Microsoft’s new Devices and Studios Engineering group, responsible for overseeing the business of all of the company’s hardware development. That includes the production and development of the Xbox gaming division.

Julie is nowhere near to being an unknown at Microsoft. Before taking this job, she notably oversaw the development of the Windows 7 and 8 operating systems and has been with the company for twenty years.

What is interesting about the memo to the employees is how they focus on the multimedia aspects of their hardware division.

"Most of the time, people use technology casually — listening to a quick song, finding a movie, catching up on the news on Flipboard, playing Angry Birds or checking in on Facebook. We will make sure our consumers can do the everyday well. But people also turn to technology for more important tasks in their lives — and we will focus our energies on creating new, memorable and even extraordinary experiences across our family of devices and services. Think of the student stuck on that term paper looking to display all his creativity in ways that will get him an A+; the family that’s getting together for a reunion and wants the delightful memories to last forever online; the gamer who is taking his fantasy team to the playoffs…"

Meet the new boss; same as the old boss.

Source: Microsoft via GameSpot