Final Fantasy VI “Balance And Ruin” Fan Album Available For Download


Kickstarter’s video games section has been getting a bad rap lately. Whether it’s games getting stalled months behind schedule, developers asking for more money to complete their projects after receiving much more money than requested in the first place, or games not being developed in the first place; project creators have been tarnishing the website’s reputations for quite some time. The people over at OC ReMix are trying to rectify that, and are doing so in an awesome, Final Fantasy VI inspired way.

“Balance and Ruin”, an unofficial fan album created by the brilliant ReMixers over at and inspired by the music of Final Fantasy VI, has been released on their project website as a free download and torrent. It features well over sixty different arrangements adapted from the brilliant soundtrack created by Nobou Oematsu, the Japanese composer responsible for the majority of the Final Fantasy series’ music and soundtracks. Best part yet, they are all DRM-free.

OC ReMix is a group of dedicated musicians who have been working on gaming music such as this for over a decade. When they came to Kickstarter back in September-October, they asked for a modest $30,000 in crowdfunded support to achieve their goal. By the time the Kickstarter came to a close, they had been given $153,633, over 500% of what was asked, to create this album.

Some of the musicians who worked on this project are insiders in the gaming music industry. Jake “virt” Kaufman (Double Dragon Neon, Contra 4, Shantae), Jillian Aversa (Halo: CE Anniversary, God of War: Ghost of Sparta, Soulcalibur V), Jimmy Hinson (Mass Effect 2, Puzzlejuice) and more came together to work on this ambitious project not to make money, but to create a wonderful piece of music for gaming and music fans alike.

Make sure to download this album if you are a huge fan of Final Fantasy VI. Below is arguably one of the best songs on the album, ‘The Impresario’; a medley inspired by the game’s enigmatic opera scene.