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Meet The Editorial Staff:

Michael Straw

Location:  Buffalo, NY

Favorite Video Game: Heroes of Might & Magic III

Favorite Current Gen Video Game: SimCity

First Video Game: Sonic: The Hedgehog

Favorite Genre: Real Time Strategy (RTS)

Favorite Gaming Soundtrack: Sonic 2

Video Game Pet Peeve: Timed exclusive or console specific DLC

Gaming Industry Needs: More new IPs

Gaming Industry Doesn’t Need: DRM

Outside Of Gaming, I: Play and write music, and cover the NHL

On Twitter I Am: @MikeStrawQCS

Fun Fact: I made it to the top 3 in the NHL 09 Xbox 360 online versus leaderboards

Daniel George

Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Favorite Video Game: Final Fantasy VI (Final Fantasy III) for the SNES

Favorite Current Gen Video Game: Dark Souls for the PS3

First Video Game: Duck Hunt at age 2

Favorite Genre: RPG

Favorite Video Game Weapon: Tanegashima from Metal Gear Solid 4 (it launches a whirlwind, for crying out loud!)

Favorite Gaming Soundtrack: Tie between Final Fantasy X and Chrono Trigger

Video Game Pet Peeve: Day 1 DLC

Gaming Industry Needs: More risk-taking. Mirror’s Edge is a perfect example

Gaming Industry Doesn’t Need: Timed exclusives or console-specific content

Outside Of Gaming, I: Play sports, follow the Blue Jays, take photos

On Twitter I Am: @ItsDanielGeorge

Fun Fact: I once won a local Counter-Strike tournament.

Nick Tylwalk

Location: Hummelstown, PA

Favorite Video Game: Super Mario Bros. 3

Favorite Current Gen Video Game: NHL 13

First Video Game: Donkey Kong for ColecoVision

Favorite Genre: MMORPG, with Sports a close second

Favorite Video Game Weapon: Anything that doesn’t require me to aim.

Favorite Gaming Soundtrack: Final Fantasy VII

Video Game Pet Peeve: Too many retailer-exclusive pre-order goodies

Gaming Industry Needs: More games that are truly cross-platform: start on one device, continue on another.

Gaming Industry Doesn’t Need: Single player games that require always-on internet connections.

Outside Of Gaming, I: Have a top secret job on the casino industry. Okay, maybe not top secret. I also have two small children, which is much like having another full time job. And I write about things that are not video games.

On Twitter I Am: @nick_tylwalk, and worried that none of my followers are into all the same stuff I tweet about.

Fun Fact: I have every type of sibling possible: whole, half, step, adopted.