Perfect World Announces F2P Mobile MMO Dawn Of The Immortals Due This Summer

Dawn of the Immortals definitely isn’t the first fantasy MMO for mobile devices, but it might be one of the prettiest.

That’s what I took from the teaser trailer Perfect World Entertainment released today (and it’s definitely a teaser, clocking in at under 20 seconds) when it officially announced that Dawn of the Immortals would be coming to iOS and Android this summer. While known more for its PC MMOs, the company thinks it has a winner on its hands for mobile players with this new cross-platform “isometric action fantasy MMO.”

“Perfect World Entertainment is known for outstanding free-to-play games on PCs,” General Manager of Mobile Fabien-Pierre Nicolas said in a press release. “And we’ve wanted to bring a full-featured MMO experience to our mobile players. With Dawn of the Immortals, we can do that.”

Announced features include 60 levels of dungeons and boss fights, upgradable pets, extensive player customization, PvP and PvE arenas and a bevy of social components to help connect to other players.

Pre-registration is already available, and anyone who creates a free account now will get a free Mystic Pet Summoning Card that guarantees at least a four-star pet. For future info, the game has Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts already up and running.

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  • Dan

    I will have to agree that this is indeed looking
    pretty awesome! Graphically they seem to have pushed it hard and it’s hence
    looking really attractive. You are right, this is might be a winner for Perfect
    World Entertainment. This is the kind of game to expect for summer!