Editorial: 10 Games That Need An HD Remaster

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We’ve been seeing a lot of classic games get some awesome HD re-releases lately. Kingdom Hearts, Windwaker, Tales of Symphonia and as shown above Final Fantasy X/X2. Some may think of these as cheap cash ins feeding off our nostalgia (and excuse not to do backwards compatibility on consoles). Personally I think they are great ways to see the games even better than you remember them and a chance for games to find new audiences as well. They could also be a great way to quickly bulk up sparse libraries for new consoles, so I’ve picked 10 I’d really like to see happen that hopefully someone is at least thinking of working on for next-gen.

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  • Geoff Porter

    This guy is really into JRPGs

  • Manuel Granados

    I would love a Chrono Trigger/Chrono Cross HD remake.
    Max Payne 1/”

  • ClintMurphy

    for shame no shenmue titles

  • Sparky_The_Bard-barian

    KOTOR was not Bioware’s first game with a Morality System. That honor belongs to the Baldur’s Gate series, which would do well with an HD re-release.

    • merwanor

      Baldur’s gate has a hd re-release…. Baldurs Gate enhanced edtion….

  • Greasy

    metal warriors for the snes! imagine, same side scrolling 2D platformer deathmatch gameplay, but with up to date, shiny HD graphics, and massive online matches with hundreds of mechs. it has to happen.

  • merwanor

    Kotor is an obvious choice, but I am surprised about Mark of Kri, as that is a fairly unknown game. I have very fond memories from it, and I did not even know that it had a sequel.

    I would love a remake of Soul Reaver and Gothic 1 and Gothic 2.

  • mph23

    Happy to see Jade Empire and KOTOR up here…those were my favorites in the early 2000′s.

    I’m still wishing for a PS3 Dragon Quest, but that’s not happening at this point, I’m sure. I’d also LOVE to see a new or ‘remastered’ Phantasy Star game. PS 1 and 2 were my absolute favorite games for the SMS and the Genesis.

  • Nelson Uribe

    I want Castlevania Lamment of Innocence from PS2 <3

  • Roman


  • James Bond

    I think FFVII deserves a remake.

  • Michael Johnstone

    Lunar Silver Star Story, and Lunar: Eternal Blue. GO

    • http://mediumentertainment.blogspot.com/ Eric Chrisman

      Those are two of my favorites, but I’ve played them a ton between the original and re-releases they’ve already done.

  • J. Chris Bourdier

    Doom and Doom 2. Leave the gameplay and pacing alone. Don’t add levels or complexity. Leave the antiquated controls alone. Just update the graphics, sounds, and music.

    I’d buy them all over again at full price.

    Do the same thing for Heretic, Hexen, and Wolfenstein 3D.

    • Pax Humana

      You, J. Chris Bourdier, are a hipster, elitist retro whore. Your mother should have swallowed, and yes, I like the Doom series, INCLUDING the classic games.

      • http://pics.fireflyprops.net/TVIN-2.01.pdf J. Chris Bourdier

        Why, thank you, sir! I’m truly honored.

  • Gamer101

    Notice that they’re all JRPG’s. There are plenty of action adventures, strategys, simulations, beat em’ ups, racers, fighters, platformers and western RPG’s that can be remade in HD too you know.

  • http://mediumentertainment.blogspot.com/ Eric Chrisman

    Wow, you don’t really read do you? 1. I list two Western RPGs (KOTOR and Jade Empire, both Bioware games). 2. Mark of Kri & Pyschonauts aren’t rpgs. 3. This is by no means a definitive list of the only 10 games that need a remaster and nothing else. This is simply 10 out of many (we could probably list hundreds if we really wanted to), I actively encourage you to mention ones you think deserve a HD upgrade/remaster. The worst “crime” I’m guilty of is making the list a little rpg heavy, but that’s my favorite genre, so what?

  • Adam

    Rogue Galaxy really doesn’t get the exposure it deserves! I recently bought a Ps2 console to introduce my son to some classic RPG’s and he is currently further through Rogue Galaxy than me! A sequel especially on next gen consoles would be as close to epic as you could get.Adam

    • Pax Humana

      I would actually improve the storyline considerably, get hints of romance between Jaster/Jester and Kisala/Kisara, and let Zegram/Zegram and Lilika/Ruruka have some sort of bonding that might lead to romance in the game. I would also make some sort of romance between Steve and M10 (who, in reality, IS MIO and that the copy of MIO that is called M10 is merely a copy of her), and add in some new characters, even MORE bad guys, more status attacks, more team-based attacks, playing six characters at once, let the combat be in REAL time like White Knight Chronicles 1 and 2, add more playable characters, let that war between the Longardians and Draxians be a LOT more heavily involved in the game, let there be even MORE things to be crafted in the Factory, let the Factory process be easier done than in the previous version, add more bosses (such as a baby worm and a giant worm on Rosa, some mutant freaks in the laboratory on Alistia, and maybe more creatures in the mines of Vedia, among other places, including some new ones, in the game, let there be guardians that can be summoned, most likely, defeated bosses, kind of like in Final Fantasy games, that will be able to be summoned in a boss fight, rename the Insectron tournament, make different types of tournaments, make ALL monsters, including bosses and that one Insectron that the Professor has be available for combat in the game. I know, what a run-on sentence, but this game needs some MAJOR improvements and this is coming from someone that has invested a staggering 176 hours into the game and STILL did not beat the game.

  • Brandon Roberts

    isn’t p4golden an updated version of persona4