Playstation Plus vs. Xbox Live: A Personal Opinion

mediumSomething that has been debated numerous times is whether the Playstation Network or Xbox Live was a better online experience.  I had always been on the Xbox Live side and until recently never thought the Playstation could catch up.  Could I have been more wrong?

Xbox has always had the best network, the best social experience and the most members.  If you had written this article a year ago, you would have been correct.  However, Microsoft has missed the mark.  Its fixation on social experience and the living room media center has clouded its judgement on the gaming community.  In fact, each day the disparity between the two companies widens — just look at the console sales numbers if you don’t believe me.

When I purchased the Xbox One, I couldn’t have been more excited.  I love the Xbox 360 and couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into Microsoft’s newest gaming console.  Things began to change as I started comparing the two new systems.  I am not upset about the specs on each system.  I know they are different, and that many people have weighed in on the pros and cons of each.  My gripe is with the paid subscriptions with each console.  Paying for the Xbox Live and Playstation Plus is not a concern; I understand that it is necessary to help keep them updated and functional.  However, that is where the similarities end and the troublesome facts begin.

Both Sony and Microsoft offer multiple apps, social experiences, Avatars and  much more, but a glaring absence from Microsoft is the free games for the Xbox One.  Why are “Games with Gold” only good with the 360?  If you are marketing a new product, wouldn’t logic lend you some thoughts into supporting the new console?  Since none of the 360 games work on the Xbox One, I don’t play the old console nearly as often and quite frankly, I want to play the new one.  Sony, I applaud you.  I wasn’t pleased with what you did with the PS3, but just let me tell you, I couldn’t be more impressed with the experiences I have had with the PS4.  Let me go a step further; not only have I had the pleasure of enjoying the simplicity of the Playstation, but by offering the free games it has broadened the value of the PS4.  Not to be taken from Xbox Live; its reliability and unsurpassed party and chat system is still much ahead of the PSN, but even still, for me, the value really is left with how much I can play games on my system.

Xbox, HELLO, are you paying attention?  Think about that — multiple games to enjoy on the PS4, and I haven’t spent a penny.  By doing this, it has given me such a great opportunity to enjoy so many games, and for that, I am thankful.  Xbox, stop concerning yourself with other things at the expense of your target audience.

Lest you remember, we gamers are the reason you ever had a system that was relevant or competitive.  We bought the consoles, we bought the games, we loved Xbox Live, and it is starting to feel like you aren’t interested in us anymore.  It is as if you have outgrown us.  Let me remind you, if you lose the gamers that made you what you are, no amount of pleading will bring us back.

I implore you to remember where you came from.  Remember the days when you cared about the gamers and desired to give them the best content.  I haven’t lost all faith, but it is wavering.  Do the right thing Microsoft, and bring back your beloved gamers.

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  • Kensal

    are you serious…are you really going to write an article that does no justice and makes no damn sense from the fully fledged history of xbox live and then go into some torrent of abuse just because you get ‘free’ games on ps+….is that all you want your live services to have freebies….where’s the added content about exactly why you think ps+ is better where’s pluses and minuses of each….before you write another article damning what MS took a decade to create which sony and the like just copied and added new functionality and some lame ass freebie nonsense to get more people on board do your damn homework and be more descriptive..geeesh….just pants journalism…go away.

  • Mike

    is this a comparison or a rant?

    • mo

      more of a whine. There is nothing of importance that was stated here.

  • mo

    Sounds like you are whining because you didn’t get some free lame games. You provide nothing of value in this article for those wanting to choose one or the other. You provide nothing about the network capabilities of either service, other than ‘they don’t have free games’. Are the PS servers better than they were? Nothing of value. I guess you suggest buying the PS for online play because it gives you 10 free games….

  • Jon McSwain

    I appreciate the comments people. I am not ranting, facts are unfortunately facts. I love Xbox, but yes, games that are free to play are a welcome addition and violently disagreeing is not practical or sensible. While I appreciate the xbox fanship, I don’t understand why it is so upsetting. I enjoy both, just would like a bit more from Xbox.

    • John

      You Jon McSwain. You are an idiots for writing this stupid article.

    • peevedinma

      They said you were whining and they would be correct. Your article didn’t include anything of substance as to why one is better than the other, whether one us more secure, stable, has advanced architecture. This is my fist time on this site and this unfortunately doesn’t make me a fan of the site or its journalists. I’m trying to get away from this faux journalism that is so prevalent on other sites.

  • jpmjr

    ps+ is far from the great experience you play it out to be. I’ve been a member since the start and you get tired of the same free games being there and then just rotated and don’t get me started on the vita’s games.

    • joe

      Rotated? I’ve had it for 2 years I haven’t seen a game become free more then once. Not to mention the big discounts you get with plus. Im not a big multiplayer gamer so ive never seen what’s great about xbox live, aside from the chat features and yes I’ve owned a 360 since it came out. For me and me personally ps plus has always been a much better value

  • Paul Forsythe

    Have both systems from both manufacturers and xbLive is still light years ahead of psn. The friends, chat and party system, the avatars, the user freindlyness, the speed, responsiveness and the reliability of xblive make it a pleasure to game on line. Psn and the ps4 os feel cobbled together, cheap , impersonal, cold, oudated and clunky by comparison. A shame as ps4 is the better console but that’s no good if os and social gaming features are poor.

  • wormywyrm

    The writer of this article reveals his bias slowly but clearly by the end… X1 clearly has better quality. If you want an X1 game just buy it. If you want to talk about value then its a much closer fight and the free games actually matter.

  • Kessler Holly

    PS+ is FAR better than XBox. I mean jeez, you can’t even watch Netflix on XBox unless you have their subscription?? Not to mention the free games are much better than what Microsoft provides. The community is more tolerable (no 10yr olds cursing and screaming unlike XBox Live). I’ve never played that new Tomb Raider game and guess what? PS Plus is offering that game for FREE with their subscription this month. It’s a no-brainer

  • jac06

    The games on playstation + are a lot better than xbox gold. They offered Uncharted 3, bioshock infinite, Tomb raider, payday 2, for PS3 and outlast for the PS4 all since christmas. Xbox fan boys need to just accept that playstation + has finally surpassed Xbox Gold

    • Nicholas Autrey

      Sound like same old PS fanboy talk

      • jac06

        Ok I’ll admit I’m a little biased, but how can you look at the two and realistically conclude that Xbox Gold is better?

        • Nicholas Autrey

          I’m not a fanboy, but it depends on the quality of every game out there. Some games I’d enjoying some I won’t play. I rather buy two systems (PS4 & XB1) because I will not jumping out of bandwagons because of anyone’s opinion. It’s my choice.

  • Dane Martin

    Actually u get 5 games a month for the ps plus 1 ps4, 2 ps3 and 2 for the ps-vita which works out at 60 free games for £40 a year so thats is a a bid different